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Welcome! I'm amazed how somehow truly thank you of gratitude for  stopping in! First time or  returning? Please know, I always include ow Spirit to Whatever the reason, is between you & visit should not become the point of focus.    

My goal is always centered upon the client's well being, their highest good. To know that death is not the end all but a continuation of our life, nor should death be feared. To understand that we exist, and continue to beyond here for we are immortal beings friends! 

Looking back over my life I only now see my true purpose, "my work here." I was born with a strong inner sense of knowing and pull towards the paranormal. I never have felt like I really belonged here. Kind of like living in-between other worlds. I know I'm here to channel and translate the language of Spirit, and educate by sharing how spirit communicates with us. 

A basic understanding, insight-fully truthful information regarding life and death. For death is not to be feared! Death is a natural process of any physical living being such as our bodies, animals and nature. We are immortal beings! We existed before coming here, while we are here and afterwards! It is not the end but an extension continuation of our souls. 

My ability as a spirit communicator have been studied along with research into the communication with those beyond by PhD Professor of Psychology Miss Bryant. Rick has been featured on several media outlets including a Bio channel special, "Ghost on Murder Hill." Working on several projects such as his first book, members club providing exclusive access to Rick directly! LIVE every Tuesday 8-9pm ET on "Illuminating the Paranormal" on ParaX Radio. Featuring special guests, all things paranormal, metaphysical and in between the unusual, the unknown, and beyond!

Private sessions with Rick

Often, the loss of a loved one prompts into question one's beliefs regarding death, life after we leave this world. When communicating with the realm of Spirit, my approach to spirit communication is always the same, with the utmost respect. For detailed information about the types of reading services offered including scheduling click the button below. 


’ll admit I was a little skeptical and nervous Rick took all that away.I was amazed of the answers I received from my mom.A lot of things were said that NO Way Rick would have known.What an experience thanks Rick!!!

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The unseen realm, but seamlessly intertwined with our misunderstandings of reality. The unexplained, the not normal, beyond normal but yet we live exist with the paranormal. The Supernatural is as real as the bodies we occupy currently. This coexistence with the divine and its whispers are truly interactions with a another realm or dimension. Paranormal research study of parapsychology is needed and taken more serious academically. But, unfortunately the paranormal has this darkness associated or "taboo shadow" connected with it. We don't really need more research. That has been done many times over already. Over time by sharing knowledge and insight offering study, and exploration into the unseen. I hope you will join me by supporting my work through membership. Thank you!


On the Bio Channel Special, 
The Ghost Speaks, "Ghost on Murder Hill." Rick communicated with the spirit of 1908s infamous serial killer, Belle Gunness.