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RickRick Bunch

Communicating messages from beyond


Thank you for stopping by, I'm Rick Bunch and I work as a spiritual medium in South Bend, Indiana. My whole life I knew something was different about me, with a very strong interest, a pull towards anything paranormal.

My work and reputation are extremely important to me. Providing an opportunity for those desiring to communicate with a loved one who's transitioned onto the next life beyond here. Whether a client is seeking answers, guidance, even perhaps closure. Please know, whatever you're reason may be, my goal is always centered on the highest good for my client.

I strongly believe that our understanding of life, death and beyond has caused much pain, confusion, division, and more amongst people, and nations. A belief in life after life this is not new across cultures and ancient civilizations. Sadly, religious beliefs have heavily tainted our thoughts about the afterlife for numerous reasons, a difference in faiths, dominance, influence, power, and control. Many have a fear of dying and questioning their mortality during the moment of transition.

Looking back over my life I can only now "see" my true purpose "my work here." I was born with this strong inner sense of 'knowing." I have never felt like I really belonged here or anywhere. One foot here and the other well in-between worlds. I know why I'm here now, a channel or translator for the language of Spirit and that death is not the end nor should be feared! 


Private Reading Sessions with Rick

Often, the loss of a loved one prompts into question one's beliefs regarding death and the life after here. When communicating with the realm of Spirit, I approach communication with the utmost and highest respect. Try to remember friends, that death should not be feared, it is but a part of the greater continuation of one's existence. We're beings of energy and we are eternal!

I like to use the comparison of communicating with spirit (the language of spirit) to a "translator" for a foreign language, Morris code. Those residing in a different realm of existence (heaven, paradise the afterlife) are still using a form of spirit language to communicate with us here, the Language of Spirit!

Currently accepting appointments for March & April. 




From the moment we arrived and met Rick a tranquil walk through his garden. and you enter into the room he has set up for his readings. you feel at peace and Rick makes you feel as your old friends, no tension or nerves just calm talk as he wants you to feel at ease and answers any questions you may have. At no time are you rushed. Rick is more concerned with you then the time. Everything he relayed to us was totally accurate. Even things I didn't know at that time came to be the very next day. I could go on and on how genuine Rick is. It was beyond my expectations! 

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Thanks so much for connecting with my daughter Sami and sending me the recording.  I really appreciate all your help and guidance. I just wish I would have seen you years ago. I haven't felt this close to her since her passing 7 years ago, it was like she was back again for a little while. I feel so much better knowing that she's by my side and watching over us here on earth.  Please don't ever stop doing what you do, you truly have a gift and you are phenomenal!  Hope to see you again sometime in the near future.

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Rick appeared on the Bio Channel Special, The Ghost Speaks, "Ghost on Murder Hill." Rick investigates and communicates with the infamous serial killer, Belle Gunness.