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Communicating messages from beyond


Greetings! I'm Rick Bunch and I work and live a paranormal life as a full time channel medium in South Bend, Indiana, Michiana community. My whole life I knew I was different from other kids, in addition a very strong pull towards anything paranormal. I truly feel that I was destined somehow someway to use whatever abilities I may poses should be used for helping mankind for the highest good of All! People are seeking out truth, spiritual  assistance and guidance (not religion). 

My work is extremely important to me and I continually work hard on my reputation, offering help through reading sessions. Providing opportunities for those desiring to  communicate with a loved one who has transitioned to the next life beyond this one. Whether a client is seeking answers, guidance, even perhaps closure. Please know, whatever you're reason may be, my goal is always centered on the highest good for my client.

That healing love from enlightenment and ultimately freedom from the chains of bondage used for control and for FEAR!  

I strongly believe that our understanding of life, death and beyond has caused much confusion, division, and pain amongst people, families, and nations. A belief in life after death is nothing new nor is killing in the name of XYZ. Sadly, religious beliefs have heavily tainted for numerous reasons, a difference in faiths, dominance, influence, power, and control. Many people fear dying and question their mortality. More about my work here! 


Reading Sessions with Rick


Rick is the REAL DEAL!

From the moment we arrived and met Rick a tranquil walk through his garden. and you enter into the room he has set up for his readings. you feel at peace and Rick makes you feel as your old friends, no tension or nerves just calm talk as he wants you to feel at ease and answers any questions you may have. At no time are you rushed. Rick is more concerned with you then the time. Everything he relayed to us was totally accurate. Even things I didn't know at that time came to be the very next day. I could go on and on how genuine Rick is. It was beyond my expectations! 

                                                                                                  -Mediumship Client

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Rick I'm beyond the wow factor you helped me so much! I will be back and I Will be telling people about you for sure! On a side note....the watch my brother brought of my dad's that you held, that hadn't worked for many, many years, but worked the day of the reading.... it stopped again when he put it away after the reading!!!

                                                                                                           -Mediumship Client 




A Bio Channel Special, 
The Ghost Speaks, "Ghost on Murder Hill." Rick investigates and communicates with  infamous serial killer, Belle Gunness.