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Communicating messages from beyond


Hello and thank you for stopping in! My name is Rick Bunch and I am a psychic, spiritual medium and counselor located in South Bend, Indiana (Michiana area). 

My goal is always centered upon the client's well being, their highest good. To know that death is not the end all but a continuation of our life, nor should death be feared. To understand that we exist, and continue to beyond here for we are immortal beings friends! 

Looking back over my life I only now see my true purpose, "my work here." I was born with a strong inner sense of knowing and pull towards the paranormal. I never have felt like I really belonged here. Kind of like living in-between other worlds. I know I'm here to channel and translate the language of Spirit, and educate by sharing how spirit communicates with us. A basic understanding, insightfully truthful information regarding life and death. For death is not to be feared! Death is a natural process of any physical living being such as our bodies, animals and nature. We are immortal beings! We existed before coming here, while we are here and afterwards! It is not the end but an extension continuation of our souls. 

Rick's mediumship abilities have been researched and studied by PhD Professor of Psychology Dr. Bryant. He is working on his first book to be released this fall/winter. Live every Tuesday 8-9pm ET, Rick also co-hosts Illuminating the Paranormal on ParaX Radio. Spreading the word by discussing the unusual, unknown, unseen and beyond!



Often, the loss of a loved one prompts into question one's beliefs regarding death, life after we leave this world. When communicating with the realm of Spirit, my approach to spirit communication is always the same, with the utmost respect. For detailed information about the types of reading services offered including scheduling click the button below. 




You saved me, literally! 

Hi Rick! Hope you're doing well 😁. I wanted to tell you something about the reading we had in June. While we covered so many topics and many are still in progress of working themselves out, one major thing came to pass, it seemed minor at the time. I had asked you and therefore my dad who was present about my car. My dad kept harping on the front of the car regarding the tires and frame. You even drew a pic on your notes. I felt like my car had needed a front end alignment so I must took that as confirmation and figured id get to it soon. But my dad was adamant about the frame and about getting it looked at asap. Anyway due to cash flow problem id been putting it off.   A couple days ago I was at home and kept having a persistent feeling that I suddenly needed to do this this week, regardless of money and the feeling wouldn't go away. So, I am writing this, my car is being fixed, yes alignment like I thought BUT turns out a ball joint in the front end was worn so bad that it was causing the frame to pull and pull to one side to the point that the joint was about to snap which would have caused the tire to disconnect and go sideways causing me to crash to the ground when it happened. All I have to say is wow! They said it looked like it was very close to breaking, maybe another week or 2. While costly for the repair, you and my dad saved me and my son from a possible catastrophe while driving! Thank you so much my friend! ❤❤❤❤

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Thanks so much for connecting with my daughter XXXX and sending me the recording.  I really appreciate all your help and guidance. I just wish I would have seen you years ago. I haven't felt this close to her since her passing 7 years ago, it was like she was back again for a little while. I feel so much better knowing that she's by my side and watching over us here on earth.  Please don't ever stop doing what you do, you truly have a gift and you are phenomenal!  Hope to see you again sometime in the near future.

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The unseen realm, but seamlessly intertwined with our misunderstandings of reality. The unexplainable, the not normal, beyond normal but yet we live exist with the paranormal. The Supernatural is as real as the bodies we occupy currently. This coexistence with the divine and its whispers are truly interactions with a another realm or dimension. Paranormal research study of parapsychology is needed and taken more serious academically. But, unfortunately the paranormal has this darkness associated or "taboo shadow" connected with it. We don't really need more research. That has been done many times over already. Over time by sharing knowledge and insight offering study, and exploration into the unseen. I hope you will join me in supporting my work. There is much to be done! I need your help. If you believe in my work...