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Communicating messages from beyond


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I'm Rick Bunch and I work as a spiritual medium in South Bend, Indiana. 

I always have my client's best interest in mind, their comfort-ability, do they understand how the process works and so forth. By p
roviding the opportunity to communicate with a loved one who's transitioned on to the next life beyond here. 

My goal is always centered around my client's well being, their highest good. To know that death is not the end all but a continuation of our life, nor should death be feared. To understand that we exist, and continue to beyond here for we are immortal beings friends! 



Often, the loss of a loved one prompts into question one's beliefs regarding death, life after we leave this world. When communicating with the realm of Spirit, my approach to spirit communication is always the same with the utmost respect. More information regarding the types of reading services and scheduling click on the button below. 



Thanks so much for connecting with my daughter XXXX and sending me the recording.  I really appreciate all your help and guidance. I just wish I would have seen you years ago. I haven't felt this close to her since her passing 7 years ago, it was like she was back again for a little while. I feel so much better knowing that she's by my side and watching over us here on earth.  Please don't ever stop doing what you do, you truly have a gift and you are phenomenal!  Hope to see you again sometime in the near future.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Rick, everything went well with my grandson surgery, just as you said it would. I want to say thanks for easing our minds in the weeks before the surgery..

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC