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Thank you for stopping by! Whether you’re visiting for the first time or returning we're glad your here! Rick's work as a spiritual medium is a continuous cycle of growth and change. Rick believes that our understanding of life and death has caused much confusion and has been heavily tainted for numerous reasons and sadly, people question and or have a fear of death. Yet, through these communications and conversations from those who have "died" but much alive and "living!" Leaving this life here we're shedding our earthly vessel (physical body), our being, "soul identity/life force" proceeds to the Divine world already waiting them. Death is not to be feared for it is a natural part of your spirit's life, infinite, immortal, eternal entity experiencing, learning and evolving beyond our current human understanding of life after life. What happens after we leave here?


Readings with Rick-


Rick is accepting reading appointments for March & April.


Spirit Circles with Rick!

NEXT Spirit Circle Event is scheduled for Friday, April 21st in South Bend, Indiana! Details TBA Soon! Get notified first plus receive promo codes & SAVE $$$$ Join Rick's email list, that's it!!
2.12.17 - SOLD OUT
Spirit Circle events are an opportunity to experience live public demonstrations of spirit communication or mediumship.These special events where Rick delivers "mini-readings" and messages to random audience members from those residing on the Other-side. An incredible opportunity to experience the phenomenon known as mediumship.

Client Reviews-

You are so sincere and sensitive and compassionate.
Good morning Rick, I just wanted to write to tell you thanks again for our session. I have listened to it several times and it is all starting to sink in. I want to tell you how much that session has helped me. You're truly have a gift. You are so sincere and sensitive and compassionate. As, I said that day, I felt you have helped me more than all the doctors and counselors I have seen over the past 30 some years. I can't begin to express my gratitude to you and to tell you how highly I regard you. You are truly doing a good work. God's blessings to you
Mediumship Client