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Thank you for stopping by, whether you’re visiting for the first time or returning we're happy your here! Rick believes that our understanding of life and death has caused much confusion and has been heavily tainted for numerous reasons. Sadly, many people question what happens when we die, including the fear of death. Yet, through these communications, messages and conversations from those who've transitioned onward, leaving this lifetime.

Death is of our bodies only. We're shedding our earthly vessel the physical body behind but our being call it, "the soul, life force" proceeds beyond here to the next world. Death is not to be feared it's a natural part of our spirit's journey of life! We are immortal! This eternal entity experiencing, learning and evolving beyond our current human understanding of life after life, not death.

As a full time spirit medium in South Bend, Indiana. His abilities as a spiritual medium have been recognized on television programs, magazine articles, books,radio,including the Bio channel Special, "The Ghost Speaks", Ghost on Murder Hill, about the infamous serial killer,
Belle Gunness.

Rick's Readings-

Currently accepting appointments for
May & June.
As a spiritual medium my work is being the voice for those residing in the realm of spirit. To ultimately provide the opportunity for open communication for those seeking help, answers, healing, perhaps even closure, always for the highest good of all. I believe I have been given this ability for a reason and use it in a positive healthy manner for those needing help struggling with their loss. Also, I work hard on breaking down the stereotypical labels attached to mediumship.

                               -Spirit Medium Rick Bunch, Founder of Spiritual Connections, LLC


Rick's Spirit Circle Events!

Rick's Spirit Circle events are an opportunity to experience live public demonstrations of spirit communication/ mediumship. These special events where Rick delivers "mini-readings" messages to random audience members from those residing in the Spirit Realm. These events are an incredible opportunity to experience the phenomenon known as mediumship. Rick's next event will be announced to those who have joined his email list, including early bird promo discounts and more before announced to the public.

Client Testimonials-

You are so sincere and sensitive and compassionate.
Good morning Rick, I just wanted to write to tell you thanks again for our session. I have listened to it several times and it is all starting to sink in. I want to tell you how much that session has helped me. You're truly have a gift. You are so sincere and sensitive and compassionate. As, I said that day, I felt you have helped me more than all the doctors and counselors I have seen over the past 30 some years. I can't begin to express my gratitude to you and to tell you how highly I regard you. You are truly doing a good work. God's blessings to you
                                                                                                     -Mediumship Client
My Son...
Thank you Rick for bringing my son back into my life even if is was only for a short time. It's the only way I feel such a strong sense of communication with him. You have given me peace that my son is doing well on the other side and I will see him again. Anyone who is hurting from the loss of a loved one should come and see you. We all need peace and reassurance when we lose a loved one. Rick does an amazing job of reconnecting with our loved ones .
                                                                                                  -Mediumship Client
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