RickRick Bunch

  Rick Bunch

"I have worked hard on my reputation to be the best possible medium over a decade in the Michiana community. Breaking down the stereotypical labels attached to psychics and mediums or the "paranormal" in general".         -rick bunch medium

Greetings! My name is Rick Bunch and I am a full time professional spiritual medium located in South Bend, Indiana (MICHIANA) thank you for stopping in! My work as a medium is to be "a voice" for those residing on the Other Side or Afterlife. Standing in the gap, in-between worlds. Similar to an interpreter  for the language of Spirit. Ultimately, providing an opportunity for communication for those desiring to communicate with a friend or loved one has has transitioned on. Whether my clients are seeking answers, healing, perhaps even closure, I am available to help. 

I believe my abilities have been given to me for a reason. To offer assistance helping people as it has been for thousands of years, in a positive healthy manner, that I do not take lightly. My grandmother was a medium as well.

I strongly believe our understanding of life and death has caused much pain, confusion and has been heavily tainted for numerous reasons. Sadly, many people fear death and question what happens when we die?  I have lost friends, family and more, faced many attacks even physically for what I do. A sacrifice to be able to help people in an unconventional way to me is worth the cost.  Read more about me here! 







My biggest take away was the understanding of the importance of healing!
My husband and I visited Rick shortly after the death of our son. Not only was the reading completely authentic, but the support and wisdom provided by Rick brought us both peace, and some joy and laughter. The messages sent from our son and relayed through Rick were absolutely what I knew in my heart, but the verification of these messages, plus our sons clear message of love was amazing. All of that was wonderful, but my biggest take away is an understanding of the importance of healing. Not only for our sake, but so our son can find peace as well. Thank you so much Rick!! ❤️💕

                                                                                                      -Mediumship Client 

Beyond the wow factor!!
Rick I'm beyond the wow factor you helped me so much! I will be back and Will be telling people about you for sure! On a side note....the watch my brother brought of my dad's that you held, that hadn't worked for many, many years, but worked that night of the reading....it stopped again when he put it away after the reading!!!

                                                                                                     -Mediumship Client 



As a spiritual medium in South Bend, Indiana Rick has been recognized by some of the following media outlets, television programs, magazine articles, books, radio programs, including the Bio Channel Special, "The Ghost Speaks", Ghost on Murder Hill, about the infamous serial killer, Belle Gunness.